Rudy's Traditional Seasonings

Michelle Writes,

Growing up enjoying Rudy's cooking is my favorite restaurant experience!!  Being able to make his sauce at home keeps that experience alive.  I love that I can make a marinara sauce or meat sauce with the Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning.  It's easy with all the spices in one little packet and simple directions to follow.  My family also loves the Tomato Basil soup.  Super easy and so delicious.  I send the spices to my daughter in Lower Michigan often as she and her husband love Gemignani's Italian food and they can enjoy the spices in their home as well.  Convenient and easy prep equals happy taste buds in our home!

 ~Michele Harma


Don And Cindy from Green Bay, Wisconsin


We just wanted to comment that after years of using jarred sauses (even some really "high end" ones), we discovered your seasoning at woodman's in Green bay, WI. we had just moved from California and had never seen your stuff before, so we figured, why not?

Best decision ever.  We've tried it plain and with ground beef, bulk sausage, brats, kielbasa, and with added things like garlic and onions.  Its a complete hit every time.  We've even used leftovers as sauce on pizza burgers.  Fantastic.

We don't touch other spaghetti sauces now. Period.  It takes forever to make (comparatively) but boy, is it worth it.

Great product!


Jim and Cindy from Plymouth Wisconsin

Hi Tony,

Thank you for sending the delicious spices for our annual Knights of Columbus Spaghetti dinner that Jim and I chair.

Were glad Ron put us on to you, as its easy to use your recipe and everyone is pleased with the taste.

Thank you for sending them so quickly.


Jason Tuisku writes,

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the same town where Rudy's Spices originated generations ago.  We'd sneak down to the restaurant at school lunch with Rudy Senior's (the spice namesake) youngest son and he'd feed us whatever he wanted to.  That was 30+ years ago and I still have a hard time eating any other sauce or spiced meatballs/sausages without comparing them to the taste of Rudy's food.  I've found that you can't make a bad batch even if you deviate from the package instructions.  Over the years, Its safe to say I've made 100+ batches of sauce and many dozen meatballs using Rudy's Spices as my 'secret' ingredient.  I've also turned my Canadian In Laws/Family into fans.  Keep doing what you are doing please!  A good thing never goes out of style.



Jason Tuisku

Boise, Idaho/Scottsdale, Arizona







We invite you to try Rudy's spice for yourself at home - to make, share and enjoy at each meal time with family or friends. From our home to your home, all products are made in small batches in Upper Michigan. We ship weekly anywhere in the United States and hope you are pleased with our products. Thanks for visiting and buon appetito!

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