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Rudy's Original Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning, A U.P. favorite

Rudy's is made from select blends of dried vegetables and high quality spices in small batches for consistency.  Used by our family restaurant to make our signature spaghetti sauce that has been served to customers for over four generations.  The spaghetti sauce you make in your kitchen with Rudy's Original Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning will have your family asking for more.  "I have mothers tell me all the time  when I'm doing in store demo's, that their kids will eat nothing else now that they have tried Rudy's". 

Its easy to make and makes approximately 64 oz. of spaghetti meat sauce, slightly less if your making it marinara style without the meat. all you need is the following.

- 1- pkg. Rudy's Original Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning

- 18oz of tomato paste

- 1 pound of lean ground beef, pork or venison (for meat sauce)

- 1 cup of cooking oil

If you care about what goes into the spaghetti sauce you make and serve your family, why not use the best spaghetti sauce seasoning on the market today.  There simply is nothing else like it.  Most cheaper priced  seasonings out there are nothing more than spices.  We add dried vegetables along with our proprietary blend of spices  to give you that restaurant quality and consistency time and time again. 

We invite you to "Make Our Tradition Yours"


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We invite you to try Rudy's spice for yourself at home - to make, share and enjoy at each meal time with family or friends. From our home to your home, all products are made in small batches in Upper Michigan. We ship weekly anywhere in the United States and hope you are pleased with our products. Thanks for visiting and buon appetito!

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